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Books and Magazines Last Updated: Jul 2nd, 2008 - 21:15:22
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Books and Magazines
Fun Facts & Oddities Featured In Two New Books
Two new Ripley's Believe It or Not! books on two of America's favorite pastimes-baseball and amusement parks-are now available in time for summer enjoyment!
Feb 4, 2008, 17:22

Books and Magazines
A One in a Million Book Shows You How to Make Millions
Every day, you hear about people who have thought of a new business niche, launched their own successful company or even made it big in real estate. And while we all aspire to achieve wealth and financial security for our families, and ourselves, how do you become one of these success stories?
Nov 7, 2007, 01:14

Books and Magazines
Living A Life Not Defined By Loss
For 30 years, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz has performed cosmetic transformations that thousands of his patients consider miracles. Yet a new book focuses not only on his ability to transform others, but also on how he responded to life-altering tragedy and defeat.
Sep 21, 2007, 22:30

Books and Magazines
Surprising Insights On Soy
Although soy is widely considered a "health food," an increasing number of scientists, doctors and nutritionists have come to a different conclusion. In fact, some researchers say a diet high in soy could even be dangerous, especially for children.
Sep 21, 2007, 22:22

Books and Magazines
Understanding Yourself And Living A Joy-Filled Life
What is the secret to a joy-filled life? Does such a thing even exist? A new book not only contends that we each have the capability to experience joy, but also that it's close-closer than most of us might imagine.
Sep 20, 2007, 19:06

Books and Magazines
How To Get The Perfect Tank Top Arms And Bikini Belly (Without Ever Setting Foot In A Gym)
Three simple exercise moves could quickly have you on your way to looking and feeling great.
Jul 29, 2007, 21:10

Books and Magazines
Better Skin Begins With Your Next Meal
Consumers today are bombarded by a wide variety of anti-aging products for the body and face, whether they are simple cosmetics or surgical procedures. But the fountain of youth really just comes from better nutrition, one health expert says. A survey by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 94 percent of women are confused by all the available anti-aging treatments (over-the counter and prescription) as well as the procedures available in a doctor's office.
Jun 1, 2006, 22:54

Books and Magazines
Book Offers Tips for 'Survival' in Hospitals
If you've watched a TV show with a hospital setting, you might have a notion - albeit exaggerated - of how the interactions between patients and doctors can create dramatic scenarios. A new book written by a doctor-nurse couple says similar dramas are playing out in real life. It warns of how we should be concerned about the lack of quality care that patients can receive in hospitals.
Jun 1, 2006, 22:51

Books and Magazines
Riveting Must-Reads
Andrea Kane knows how to serve up suspense. In her new book, and a new paperback edition of a favorite, this New York Times best-selling author turns a tale of a romantic weekend into an exercise in terror, and dishes up the dark side of celebrity.
Feb 6, 2006, 23:06

Books and Magazines
Books To Help You Tune Into Digital Music
If you are a fan of digital music players or enjoy buying music online, two new books may be music to your ears. The books show how to get the most out of both the popular digital music player called the iPod and the music downloading system called iTunes.
Feb 6, 2006, 22:52

Books and Magazines
Tips on Staying Young at Any Age
Can you stay young in your 50s, 60s and 70s? Is it really possible to fight the aging process? As the population of seniors in America grows, more and more people will be looking for ways to do just that.

In the past century, the average life expectancy in the United States has increased by 27 years. In fact, there are now about 70,000 people in America who are 100 years of age or older, and that number is expected to rise to nearly 1 million by 2050. Barbara Morris, a pharmacist and motivational speaker, says that with the right outlook and motivation, it is indeed possible to enjoy at least 25 more years of "the good life."

Dec 5, 2005, 23:24

Books and Magazines
Holistic Approach May Be the Key to Curing Addiction
Though the medical profession labels alcoholism and addiction - America's No. 1 health problems - as incurable diseases that are manageable at best, one man is determined to prove that there is a complete cure for those twin demons. According to Chris Prentiss, co-founder of the world-famous Passages Rehab Center in Malibu, Calif., and author of the new book, "The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure, A Holistic Approach To Total Recovery," the current treatment methods are obsolete. Prentiss says that alcohol and drugs are not the problem.
Dec 5, 2005, 23:22

Books and Magazines
Best-Selling Children's Books' Authors Give Tips To Inspire Young Readers
Inspiring a love of reading is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child. And who better to give advice on literary inspiration than the people who write the words we love to read? These five best-selling children's books' authors, whose books are featured by Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories, share their thoughts on how parents can encourage kids to become lifelong readers.
Nov 15, 2005, 21:46

Books and Magazines
Book Loved By Generations
C'est fantastique! The 19 tongue-in-cheek tales found in the French children's classic "Nicholas" (Phaidon Press, $19.95) don't just offer the smile-provoking adventures of an only child named Nicholas "often at odds with adults in the world." They also give young readers an insightful glimpse into everyday French life and culture.
Nov 6, 2005, 00:19

Books and Magazines
Understanding Your Health
When it comes to maintaining your health, it's important to find just the right dose of information. Combining leading theories of health into clear, concise guidelines, the new book "Super Health" is a medical information breakthrough that can help people achieve lifelong vitality.
Oct 18, 2005, 22:11

Books and Magazines
Experiencing Burnout? How to Turn It Into Joy
As new technology pushes life to new speeds, more and more people are finding that everyday stresses can build up and become unbearable. As a result, burnout has emerged as a major factor in today's society. Burnout is characterized by exhaustion that sleeping will not help. This exhaustion can be physical, mental or emotional.
Sep 27, 2005, 22:48

Books and Magazines
New Book Tells Readers, 'Do It Anyway'
As a sophomore at Harvard University, Kent Keith created "The Paradoxical Commandments" to challenge student leaders to do what they felt was right without looking for rewards from others. Unbeknownst to him, during the next 25 years, these guiding principles took on a life of their own, traveling around the world and digging a niche in popular culture. They have appeared in countless speeches, advice columns, institutions and books and on more than 1,000 Web sites.
Sep 27, 2005, 22:41

Books and Magazines
Tough Times Require Negotiation Savvy
From getting a better hiring package to getting your teen-ager to clean his room, virtually everything in life seems to be a negotiation. In his new book "Negotiate This! By Caring But Not T-H-A-T Much," negotiating guru Herb Cohen shares with readers the secrets and techniques that caused Playboy magazine to call him "The World's Best Negotiator."
Sep 27, 2005, 22:34

Books and Magazines
New Guide Helps Shoppers Choose Low-carb Foods
to learn how to avoid products full of added sugar and other nutrient-deficient refined carbohydrates (as well as harmful trans fats) while grocery shopping? Countless people worldwide are following the Atkins Nutritional Approach. Now, a new book called "The Atkins Shopping Guide" (Avon Books/ an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers) arms you with the skills you need to navigate your grocery store so you can stock your low-carb kitchen.
Sep 18, 2005, 18:04

Books and Magazines
Why Write an eBook?
It's not true that everything that has been said has
already been written. Since that unfortunate axiom
came into use, the whole universe has changed.
Technology has changed, ideas have changed, and the
mindsets of entire nations have changed. The fact is that this is the perfect time to write an ebook. What the publishing industry needs are people who can tap into the world as it is today - innovative thinkers who can make the leap into the new millennium and figure out how to solve old problems in a new way. Ebooks are a new and powerful tool for original thinkers with fresh ideas to disseminate information to the millions of people who are struggling to figure out how to do a plethora of different things.

Sep 5, 2005, 21:09

Books and Magazines
Rating eBook Compilers
Now that you've finished writing your eBook and have a
basic understanding of what an eBook compiler does,
you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of
compilers on the market. To help you make your
decision, I have tested and reviewed the best-rated
eBook compilers currently available.

Sep 5, 2005, 21:08

Books and Magazines
How to Write an Ebook
The hardest part of writing is the first sentence.
When you look at the whole project, it seems like an
impossible task. That's why you have to break it down
into manageable tasks. Think of climbing a mountain.
You are standing at the foot of it and looking up at
its summit vanishing into the clouds. How can you
possibly scale such an immense and dangerous mountain?
There is only one way to climb a mountain ? step by step.
Now think of writing your ebook in the same light. You
must create it step by step, and one day, you will take that last step and find yourself standing on the summit with your head in the clouds.

Sep 5, 2005, 21:06

Books and Magazines
Ebooks are Promotional Powerhouses
Ebooks are part of the new frontier of cyberspace.
They are an entirely new medium for sharing marketing
information, ideas, techniques, and expert knowledge.
Each day the number of people accessing the Internet
grows, causing the exposure of your ebook to increase
incrementally. It's obvious why electronic
self-publishing has become so popular so quickly.
The publishing industry, I hope, does not intend to
forever banish the printed word to the dustbin of
history. Books in print have their own special
qualities and merits, and the world would be
diminished by their disappearance.

Sep 5, 2005, 21:05

Books and Magazines
Steps to Publishing Success
Even if your best friend owns a top publishing
company, giving you an immediate "in," this does not
guarantee publishing success.

First, you have to write a quality book that has a
clear target audience. And your book must answer a
common problem or need that audience shares. Then you
have to develop a marketing plan, and stick to it for
at least two years. Let's begin with the process that should commence before you write your first word. Begin by reading A LOT. Read both books you passionately love and books you can't seem to make it past page five. Then figure
out what the author did in the book you loved, and
what was wrong with in the book you couldn't finish.

Sep 5, 2005, 21:03

Books and Magazines
Ovecoming Writer's Block
What is writer's block? Well, I just can't think of a single darn thing to say. Oh well, I'm outta here!
Sound familiar? No! Oh, get real! We've all
experienced this phenomenon when we absolutely have to
write something, particularly on deadline. I'm talking
about. . . . .uh, I can't think of what the word is .
. . oh, yes, it's on the tip of my tongue . . . it's:WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!

Sep 5, 2005, 21:02

Books and Magazines
How to Price Your eBook
You've written and compiled an ebook. Now you have to
decide how much to charge for it. Finding the right
price is essential to the success of your product. If
you charge too little, people will think it's of
little value, and they won't purchase it, or even it
they do buy your book, you will have to sell thousands
of copies to get to the point where you can begin to
see a profit. If you price it too high when compared
with your competition, you will find yourself steadily
lowering the price, which will cause you all kinds of
new problems in the future. For example, if you sell
your ebook at first for $39.99, and later reduce it to
$24.95, don't you think the people who bought it for
$39.99 are going to be PISSED?

Sep 5, 2005, 21:00

Books and Magazines
What is an eBook compiler?
You've written and revised your ebook, hired an artist
who has produced outstanding graphics, and now you're
ready to actually put together your ebook. What you
need to make an ebook is software called an ebook
Compiler. There are many different compilers to chose from, but first, you need to know exactly what an ebook Compiler does. Here is the simple explanation: An ebook compiler is a software program that converts
either text pages or HTML text into a single
executable file or an ebook.

Sep 5, 2005, 20:58

Books and Magazines
Reading-The Best 15 Minutes You'll Ever Invest
I recently was made aware of two comparative statistics that I thought you might find extremely valuable. I learned that the average American reads less than 2 books per year- one and a half to be exact, with almost two thirds of those going unfinished. On the whole, Americans have lost the habit of reading good books. There is a notable exception, however. CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies read, on average, roughly FOUR BOOKS PER WEEK! That equates to about 200 times the average for the rest of America, and I can guarantee that the vast majority of those books are good, meaty stuff that causes them to think about their business and/or their Life in a very healthy way.
Sep 4, 2005, 16:17

Books and Magazines
4 Brilliant Tips to Speed Read Faster Than Ever
Many people, particularly students, would love to be able to absorb information faster. But before retaining information, they have to go through the first stage of learning, which is reading. For many individuals who are pressed for time, speed reading has become a necessity. However, it's not just the reading part that is important. Equally essential is for the reader to fully understand the words coming out from the book or paper.
Sep 4, 2005, 16:09

Books and Magazines
Building Children's Reading Skills
Experts say it's hard to read too much into the importance of childhood literacy-and that one of the best ways to build a young child's reading skills may be to use what are known as "leveled readers." Leveled readers are books written in such a way that they address a child's developmental needs and abilities and help him learn to read. The readers often come in sets, so that as a child finishes one level, he can step up to the next level, which will build on the reading concepts he has just learned.
Aug 21, 2005, 00:49

Books and Magazines
Marketing Your Idea
Have a great idea for a product but don't know how to capitalize on the idea? "The Mom Inventors Handbook" (McGraw-Hill; $16.95), by Tamara Monosoff, CEO of Mom Inventors, Inc. reveals the secrets to invention success and the inside scoop on turning your light-bulb idea into money-making reality. Monosoff's guide gives practical step-by-step advice for putting inspiration into action.
Aug 20, 2005, 20:39

Books and Magazines
Now that the Book is Out, Kids Everywhere Want to Bring the Magic of Harry Potter to Life
waiting is over. Harry Potter fans have now gotten their hands on the prize. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” the sixth-book in the series written by J.K. Rowling, was released on July 16, 2005.
Ever since the young magician first came on the scene, he has been igniting the imaginations of children around the world. They immediately identify with the boy who was sad and lonely until he realized he had magical powers. Child psychologists agree the key to the series' success is the fact that kids identify so closely with the characters. They see a correlation between the relationships Harry has with the children and adults in the books and their own lives.

Aug 20, 2005, 17:11

Books and Magazines
This Summers Must Read
You've seen the ads for this summer's blockbuster movies – “if you only see one movie this summer, make it this one.” Well, if you only pack one book in your beach bag this year, make it this one: Vergil's Aeneid.
Doesn't strike you as summer reading? Think again. A new vivid novelistic translation by G. B. Cobbold, published by Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, makes this classic more relevant than ever. One of the pillars of Western literary tradition, the Aeneid is also a terrific read: the story of a man whose city is destroyed in war, and of his journey to find his place in destiny. This epic has it all: adventures on the high seas, passion, battles, monsters, magic, meddling gods and struggles that test the moral fiber of both men and women.

Aug 18, 2005, 21:39

Books and Magazines
Gratitude for Grandma Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Grandmothers
Ask many Americans, and chances are they'll be happy to convey the pride and tenderness they have for their grandmothers. A new book has given people a chance to do just that. The book brings together touching tales about grandmothers written by parents, grandparents and grandchildren focusing on treasured moments and meaningful events.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:57

Books and Magazines
Recycling On The Rise
Chances are you are not the first person to read this paper. In fact, many other people have probably read from it, used it as wrapping or even written on it. That's because more than 37 percent of the fiber used to make new paper and paper products comes from recovered paper. U.S. paper recovery recently reached an all-time high of 50.3 percent. Positive that we can recover more paper for recycling, the paper industry has set an aggressive goal to recover 55 percent of all paper consumed in the U.S. by 2012.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:53

Books and Magazines
The Tao Of The Defiant Woman
Accept what you can't alter, rebel against the rest. That is the message in a remarkable new book that explains how women can attain true happiness on this path by embracing a philosophy of Taoist acceptance coupled with a dash of healthy defiance. "The Tao of the Defiant Woman" came from interviews, seminars and workshops with hundreds of women.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:52

Books and Magazines
Financial Advice For Seniors The New Reverse Mortgage Formula
A new book may help seniors gain more from one of their greatest financial assets: their homes.

Many seniors who have trouble making ends meet own their own home but can't access the equity they've accrued unless they sell. The book "The New Reverse Mortgage Formula" (Wiley, $19.95) explains how seniors can live on their home's equity without refinancing and without selling. The key, says author Tom Kelly, is a reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgages let seniors convert part of their home equity into tax-free income-even if they're still paying on the mortgage. The specialized loans are designed specifically for seniors and let them tap into their home's equity and use the money for any purpose. Kelly says they're safe and legal, and that reverse mortgages do not have to be repaid until the homeowner or an heir sells the home.

Aug 13, 2005, 17:50

Books and Magazines
How To Land Your Dream Job
In today's highly competitive job market, you need any advantage you can get to land that dream job. It's important to learn what human resources people are looking for and what strategies you can use to get ahead. These may not be what you think.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:48

Books and Magazines
How to Take the Customer seriously
remarkable new book that exposes a real crisis in American business today is capturing the attention of business everywhere. In Lior Arussy's book, "Passionate & Profitable" (Wiley, $27.95), he outlines why customer strategies fail and offers 10 steps to do them right.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:45

Books and Magazines
Secrets Of Surviving College Life Revealed
Going off to college is one of the biggest transitions in a person's life. The anticipation can bring on stomachaches, teeth grinding and family feuds. That may account for the popularity of the book, "How To Survive Your Freshman Year" (Hundreds of Heads Books, $12.95), which offers incoming freshmen great advice and smart tips from hundreds of college students who did survive (and even a few who didn't).
Aug 13, 2005, 17:43

Books and Magazines
Less Is More, Not So Big House book series
The next time you contemplate changing an old house or building a new one, the professional team you select can be crucial. An architect or designer can help you use your budget most effectively to make your home both inspiring and functional.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:41

Books and Magazines
Fatal Flaw, The Face of Suspense
)-A new book weaves an intricate tale of suspense and romance as it pits beauty against beast.
The police have had no luck with their investigation until Detective Casey O'Toole is assigned to jump-start the case. She quickly discovers two unsettling facts: The victims were all patients of a prominent plastic surgeon, and each of them bears an uncanny resemblance to herself.

Aug 13, 2005, 17:39

Books and Magazines
Reaching Your Higher Power, Luminous Journey, Luminous Way: The Origin of Human Beings and The Process of Our Return
Although most Americans believe in the existence of God, few know how to communicate with their Higher Power. Only a handful has claimed to have heard God's words spoken. Even if you're not a particularly religious person-even if you can't fully define who God is to you-you may find "Luminous Journey, Luminous Way" a moving and enlightening approach to life.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:36

Books and Magazines
Buying Course Materials: What Students Should Know
When students arrive on campus each term, they generally face long "To-Do" lists and short time frames for getting things done. There are classes to register for, schedules to map, advisors and instructors to meet, and perhaps most important, books and course materials to buy. Purchasing today's highly sophisticated course materials isn't just a matter of plucking a textbook from a shelf.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:35

Books and Magazines
Stress-Free Productivity, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
The secret to increasing your productivity may lie in your ability to relax, says personal productivity guru David Allen. Only when your mind is clear and your thoughts are organized can you achieve effective results and unleash your creative potential.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:31

Books and Magazines
Don't Cry Over Wine
Wine experts toss around terms like "vieilles vignes" and "bouquet" like you knew what they were talking about-and now you can. This fun to read, practical and refreshingly candid wine guide gives sound advice with verve and humor and will help you navigate the world of wine with confidence and style.
Aug 13, 2005, 17:26

Books and Magazines
Runny Babbit, A billy Sook
A delightful new book filled with rhyme, wordplay and humor may have your children "purning tages" for hours.
Aug 13, 2005, 15:22

Books and Magazines
Stress-Mess Makeover Cleaning and the Meaning of Life
Can a clean home bring you happiness? Yes, says author and interior designer Paula Jhung. She has helped hundreds of clients suffering from what she describes as "stress-mess" to enjoy the serenity of an orderly home.
Her formula for cutting clutter (by 50 percent, she promises), minimizing cleaning and increasing comfort are found in her book "Cleaning and the Meaning of Life" ($12.95, Health Communications).

Aug 13, 2005, 15:21

Books and Magazines
Mother's Day Gifts That Also Give To Others
Thanks to a special program, it's possible to give a Mother's Day gift that also helps vulnerable children and mothers around the world.
A number of companies are partnering with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and a percentage of sales for each event, donation or item offered by each partner will go to UNICEF. All proceeds will benefit women and children in regions where health, education and livelihood are at risk.

Aug 13, 2005, 15:17

Books and Magazines
Don't Worry, You'll Get In
Getting into college is a source of stress for teenagers and parents as the competition increases each year. Fortunately, a few tips from two prominent experts in the field can help teens maximize their college options and move through the process with less stress.

Described as the first easy and accessible college admissions guide of its kind, the book is full of tips to navigate the process successfully and calmly. Doe and Hernandez include pointers on how to choose the school that's right for you, how to perform well on interviews and strategies for writing great essays.

Aug 13, 2005, 15:15

Books and Magazines
How To Land The Job of your LIfe
Before finding the right job, it may help to find yourself. That's the advice in a new book that says asking yourself "who am I?" can help you find a career that's a good match for your personality, skills and values. It includes real-world advice-from recruiters, career counselors, human resource professionals and dozens of successful monster.com members-geared toward helping people find the jobs that are right for them.
Aug 13, 2005, 15:12

Books and Magazines
Irresistible Fun, Dearest Dorothy, Help! I've Lost Myself
Sometimes home is the place you know best and the place where you're best known. That's an important theme in the third installment of the popular Partonville series by Charlene Baumbich: "Dearest Dorothy, Help! I've Lost Myself" (Penguin Original, $10.95).
Baumbich's first two heartwarming Partonville novels immersed thousands in the small town of Partonville and introduced them to a community of characters, including the spunky and irresistible heroine-87-year-old Dorothy Jean Wetstra.

Aug 13, 2005, 15:10

Books and Magazines
A Guide To Healthy Eating For Kids, Eat, Play, and Be Healthy
If you've ever wondered which nutritious recipes kids will actually eat or how to recognize the good and bad in school lunches, here's news that will be easy to digest.
Drawing on his 40 years of clinical research, one of the world's most respected pediatricians has a new book to guide parents on healthy eating through the various stages of children's lives.

Aug 13, 2005, 15:07

Books and Magazines
Delicious One-Dish Meals Cookbook
When is one dish better than two? When it's what you're making for dinner. According to a recent survey, nearly half of all home-cooked meals today are prepared in one dish. Fortunately, one-dish meals don't have to be boring. A new cookbook provides 300 deliciously easy recipes for one-dish meals-from skillet dishes to stir-fries to main-dish salads and foil-packed meals.
Aug 13, 2005, 15:05

Books and Magazines
A Must-Have For Baking Enthusiasts, Betty Crocker
There's a good reason why interest is rising in baking cookbooks. It's because few can resist the great taste and creative fun of baked goods made from scratch. This may also account for the popularity of a book that showcases today's favorite baking recipes and highlights baking classics that are among Gold Medal Flour's most requested recipes, year after year.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:59

Books and Magazines
The Job Was A Killer Black Ice
Living paycheck to paycheck in Paris, American book translator Chloe Underwood would give anything for some excitement and passion-even a little danger. So, when she's offered a lucrative weekend gig translating at a business conference in a remote chateau, she jumps at the chance. Then by chance, Chloe discovers her employers are anything but the entrepreneurs they appear to be and suddenly she knows far too much.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:57

Books and Magazines
Field Guide To Meat
It's time for all true carnivores to fire up their grills and heat up their broilers. A new book has the potential to make the grilling experience even more enjoyable. Outdoor cooks know that the best grilling starts out with the best cuts of meat.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:52

Books and Magazines
Ideal Gifts For Golfers And NASCAR Racing Fans
Two new books from Wiley make great gifts for Dad. The first, "Golf''s Short Game For Dummies" (Wiley $16.99), helps readers improve their chip, pitch and bunker shots and fine-tune their putting. The book points out that, on average, 50 percent of your golf score is based on shots 50 yards or closer to the green. The book is packed with tips, techniques, drills and exercises that can help to dramatically lower your score.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:51

Books and Magazines
Chronicling A Mother's Life
A new book tells the touching story of a mother's life and the decisions she made, through her son's words. The account is given by Thomas J. Cottle, a clinical psychologist and sociologist whose mother was once a child prodigy blessed with an extraordinary musical talent.
The book, called "When the Music Stopped: Discovering My Mother" (State University of New York Press $18.95), chronicles the life of Gitta Gradova, who traveled the world as an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, performing recitals as well as appearing with the prominent orchestras of her era.

Aug 13, 2005, 14:48

Books and Magazines
The Everyday Lessons That Make Up Your Life
The truth can be so simple that it is easy to overlook when life lessons are everywhere and take place every day.

The book's authors explore seven universal truths and show how you can find out more about these truths with the use of seven tools: a day of the week, a color, a number, a musical note, a prayer, an affirmation and a chakra meditation.

Aug 13, 2005, 14:45

Books and Magazines
The Road To Becoming A Reader Starts With Hearing Stories Read
Experts agree that reading aloud is the single most important activity for developing reading skills-and becoming good at reading may start with listening to someone else read aloud.
Reading aloud introduces children to the sounds of written language, helps them understand its structure and demonstrates its phrasing.

Aug 13, 2005, 14:43

Books and Magazines
Laughter On The Links
There are over 17,000 golf courses in the United States, and each has a story. A new book highlights a number of them in cartoon form, covering such classic golf topics as the pursuit of the perfect shot and losing golf balls to the drink.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:36

Books and Magazines
Books That Speak To The Needs Of Blind Veterans
Read all about it-America's veterans are getting older. It's estimated that close to 10 million of this country's nearly 25 million military veterans are now in their senior years. For many, everyday activities such as reading a newspaper are becoming a challenge. Even younger veterans injured in service may find they now need help with tasks they used to manage easily, such as turning the pages of a book or reading the print of the sports page.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:33

Books and Magazines
Ask Ranger Rick
Ever wonder what to do when you see wildlife looking like it's in trouble? Do you leave it alone and let nature take its course, or pitch in to help? The National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) Ranger Rick® magazine provides some answers. You see a baby bird hoping along the ground. When it tries to fly, it can only flutter. What should you do? Sometimes a very young and helpless bird falls out of its nest and doesn't know what to do.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:27

Books and Magazines
If There's One Thing I've Learned
If you don't make choices in life, life chooses for you-and you may not like the choices you've been given. Author James Green knows all about the power of choice. He left an unfulfilling career in insurance to become a successful pilot for one of the world's largest airlines. His passion is to travel and he's visited dozens of countries and 45 of the 50 states. He swam with the reef sharks in the South Pacific, climbed mountains in Africa, ran atop the Great Wall of China and stood in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:25

Books and Magazines
Individuals who are unable to read standard print or hold a book may continue their love of reading through a national network of braille and talking-book libraries throughout the United States. Patrons of these libraries may browse the collections of braille and audiobooks provided by the Library of Congress talking-book program. Eligible adults and children may drop in and pick up their selections or receive them at no cost through the mail.
Aug 13, 2005, 14:18

Books and Magazines
Troubleshooting Tips
Now that many Americans have learned how to "operate" their infants from "The Baby Owner's Manual," they'll be happy to learn that the technology has evolved along with baby. With the same hilarious blend of schematic diagrams, troubleshooting tips and step-by-step instructions, "The Toddler Owner's Manual" (Quirk Books, $14.95) explores issues of childhood from ages one to three.
Aug 13, 2005, 12:48

Books and Magazines
"The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers"
Getting children, ages one to five, to go to bed easily and sleep through the night can be extremely challenging. Elizabeth Pantley has the answers to a good nights sleep in "The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers" (McGraw-Hill, $15.95). Pantley offers loving solutions to help children get the rest they and their parents desperately need.
Aug 13, 2005, 12:44

Books and Magazines
How Ethical Are You? "Life Principles"
What's your ethics IQ? Take the following test:
1. Your friend asks you if you like the new dress she has just purchased. You think it looks horrible but don't want to hurt her feelings. Would you:

Aug 13, 2005, 12:39

Books and Magazines
Fat, Fuzzy, Frazzled
If you're feeling fat, fuzzy and frazzled, you may be one of the 33 million Americans suffering from hormone-related metabolic problems. Despite running a battery of tests, many doctors may not be able to tell you the cause of your weight gain, mental confusion and inability to handle stress.
Fortunately, important clues are available in a new book, "Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled" by Richard Shames, M.D. and Karilee Shames, PhD, RN (Hudson Street Press, $24.95).

Aug 13, 2005, 12:36

Books and Magazines
"Midnight Magic" Parties For New Potter Book "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,"
He's back!

Harry Potter mania is in full force, as the newest J.K. Rowling book, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," in the wildly popular series goes on sale at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, July 16. Young wizards and witches from across the country are expected to attend Harry Potter "Midnight Magic" parties to celebrate.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:33

Books and Magazines
Conquering Diabetes
There's bad news and good news about diabetes.
The bad news is that more than sixty million Americans have diabetes and don't even know it. Even worse, about 45 million people are at risk for developing the disease.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:31

Books and Magazines
More Than Skin Deep
Ancient philosophers said "know yourself," and the place to start may be your own body. Did you know the skin is the body's largest organ and that hair and nails are derivatives of skin? And what about those other "low profile" organs? Can you point to your pancreas? Do you know what it does? Are you concerned about how your weight affects your health?
Aug 13, 2005, 12:30

Books and Magazines
A Good Cleaning Man Is Hard To Find Tips For Getting Your Guy To Pitch In Around The House
In today's hectic world, it's not uncommon for a woman to bring home the bacon, fry it in a pan and clean that pan, too-as well as the crumbs on the countertops, the dust on the lampshades and the dirt on the carpet.
According to a recent study in the Journal of Marriage and Family, women today say they do 67 percent of all housework.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:26

Books and Magazines
The Story Of Weight Loss
A new book highlights commonsense ways people trying to lose weight can tip the scale in their favor.
It traces author Pam Hansen's one-year, 105-pound, weight-loss journey. Hansen shares an honest portrayal of her struggles. The book, called "Running with Angels" (Shadow Mountain, $14.95), offers these weight-loss tips:

Aug 13, 2005, 12:24

Books and Magazines
Runny Babbit
One way to celebrate Spoonerism Day is to shump and jout (jump and shout). Another way is to recite a poem from "Runny Babbit" (HarperCollins, $17.99), the exciting bestselling book by the incomparable Shel Silverstein.
Completed before his death in 1999, "Runny Babbit" was a work in progress for more than 20 years.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:23

Books and Magazines
A Life On The Run "Silent Lies"
A stirring debut novel set between two World Wars takes readers on a wild adventure across continents as one man seeks to hide from his past. In the process, he loses who he is and lives a life on the run, filled with silent lies.
Inspired by events in the author's family history, this fascinating historical drama, set mainly from World War I up to World War II, is about a young Hungarian who inadvertently becomes embroiled in a counterfeit scheme that results in a murder and a lifetime of running from the truth, the law and the underworld.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:21

Books and Magazines
"The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path To The Good Life"™… The Perfect Book For Someone You Love, Including You
Is your life perfect and stress-free? Are you willing to sell your soul to get what you want? Do you like being manipulated? Do you enjoy being neglected, unseen, and unheard? Are you able to find enough time to devote to just you in your busy life? Do you enjoy being abused and treated disrespectfully? Chances are if you're like most people, the answer is no.
Aug 13, 2005, 12:18

Books and Magazines
Intriguing Things To Do With A "Borrowed" Towel
Some of the most interesting stories can come from surprising places.
Chicago native Eileen Richmond needed a towel in a pinch. Her 7-year-old son was appearing in his school play as the Little Drummer Boy, so she headed to her linen closet to complete his costume.

Aug 13, 2005, 12:15

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